National Palace Museum: KANGXI DA DI YU TAIYANG WANG LUYI SHISI TEZHAN: ZHONG FA YISHU WENHUA DE JIAOHUI. Emperor Kangxi and the Sun King Louis XIV: Sino-Franco Encounters in Arts and Culture. Taibei, 2011. xviii, 317 pp. Colour plates throughout. 30x24 cm. Wrappers.
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Catalogue of an exhibition at the National Palace Museum in Taibei on the historical and cultural exchanges between China and France during the reigns of the Kangxi Emperor and King Louis XIV. Discusses the lives of the two rulers, the role of the French Jesuits in China, emulation in the arts - the French copying of Chinese porcelains and the Qing court's imitation of French craftsmanship. A further section explores innovation in the arts of the two cultures that their contacts brought about. Illustrated throughout with fine examples of Chinese art in various media from the Kangxi reign, the majority from the National Palace Museum collection but also some loans from museums in mainland China. These objects are accompanied by fine French objects loaned from museums in France. Introductions, preface, list of contents, list of plates and captions in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Art Court Life
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