National Palace Museum: QIANLONG HUANGDI DE WENHUA DAYE. Emperor Ch'ien-lung's Grand Cultural Enterprise. 乾隆皇帝的文化大業. Taibei, 2002. 303 pp. c. 200 pp. colour plates. B/w illustrations. 31x22 cm. Cloth.
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Catalogue of a major and most sophisticated exhibition at the National Palace Museum in Taiwan examining the collecting, connoisseurship and artistic patronage of the Qianlong emperor who, more than any other Qing emperor, shaped the art collection of the Qing court that today forms the core of the Museum's holdings. The exhibition is divided into five sections: The August Emperor, Cultural Advisors to the Emperor, Classical Learning, Cultural Nexus, Renewing Tradition. The 197 exhibits cover the entire range of media of Chinese art from ceramics and paintings to jades, works of art and printing. They fall into two main categories; earlier works that entered the imperial collection and, predominantly, works and objects produced during the Emperor's reign. Preface, list of plates and captions in English. Detailed descriptive texts and essays in Chinese. Out-of-print.
Subjects: Art Connoisseurship
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