National Library of China ed: MING SHA YI MO: GUOJIA TUSHUGUAN GUANCANG JINGPIN DA ZHAN DUNHUANG YISHU TULU. (Vestiges of Ink from the Singing Sands: Exhibition of Documents from Dunhuang in the Collection of the National Library of China). 鳴沙遺墨 : 國家圖書館館藏精品大展敦煌遺書圖錄. Beijing, 2014. 153 pp. Colour plates throughout. 2 foldouts. 28x21 cm. Boards.
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Catalogue of an exhibition held at the National Library of China in Beijing showing 54 documents found at Dunhuang and held in the collection of the National Library of China together with a couple of loans from France. In four main sections by chronological period: Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Kingdoms; Sui and Tang; The Period of Contacts with Turfan; The Linyijun Period (?). All illustrated in good colour plates and described. All text in Chinese.
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