Na Qiming & Zhang Yu artists: PUTIAN TONGLE & HUANQING SHENGLI. ('Happiness for All' and 'Celebrate Victory'). Beijing, 1978. 2 diamond-shaped colour prints. 34x34 cm. Paper.
GBP 150.00
A pair of diamond-shaped nianhua-style colour prints that somewhat emulate the style of traditional Chinese papercuts. One of the prints is slightly propaganda in content, given one child is holding an image of Tian'anmen. Given the slogans on the prints, it is hard to be certain for what occasion these prints were produced - either Spring Festival or National Day. The prints are much relaxed in their imagery in comparison with earlier such material, probably due to the Cultural Revolution having ended. So, two diamond-shaped prints each with four children crammed in amongst all sorts of auspicious folk imagery. A character of the slogan in each corner of the diamond. Exploding stylised firework design to the margins. One print has a foldout flap giving publishing details, the titles of the prints and 'An Xuxian Jiantie' (in the style of Xuxian Papercuts) - Xuxian, it seems, a centre of traditional papercuts. All text in Chinese. Slight marginal tears, a few marks and minor creasing. Horizontal crease to each print from where folded. Rare. Images available.
Subjects: Folk Art Propaganda
Item 457 in List 203.
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