MEISHU ZUOPIN XUAN: JINIAN MAO ZHUXI "YIDING GENZHI HAI HE" TI CI SHI ZHOU NIAN. (A Selection of Art Works to Commemorate the Tenth Anniversary of Mao's Calligraphic Exhortation " We Must Definitely Bring the Seas and Rivers under Control". Beijing, 1973. 1 pp. introductory text, 1 pp. Mao’s calligraphy and 33 loose colour sheets. List of contents on decorative paper folder. 32x38 cm. Loose, as issued, in paper folder.
GBP 150.00
A collection of typical revolutionary Chinese art, produced in the depths of the Cultural Revolution published in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Mao's calligraphic inscription exhorting control of the seas and, particularly, the rivers in China - a source of much woe over the centuries. Thirty-three sheets are called for in the list of contents, all present. Slight crinkling to a number of sheets but generally fine. Minor wear and grubbiness to the paper folder. All text in Chinese. rare.
Subjects: Art
Item 438 in List 203.
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