Meishuguan (National Art Museum of China): 1921-2011 GUANGHUI LICHENG SHIDAI HUA JUAN: QINGZHU ZHONGGUO GONGCHANDANG CHENGLI 90 ZHOU NIAN MEISHU ZUOPIN ZHANLAN ZUOPIN JI. (An Exhibition of Works Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China). 1921-2011 光輝歷程時代畫卷 : 慶祝中國共產党成立 90 周年美術作品展覽作品集. Beijing, 2011. 7, 366 pp. Colour plates throughout. 36x27 cm. Cloth.
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Large and heavy catalogue of an impressive exhibition at the Meishuguan (National Art Museum of China) in Beijing held to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The exhibits are divided into sections covering the historical periods from 1921-1949; 1949-1978 and 1978-2011. Within each section there are works dating from the period, together with works produced at a later date. The exhibits are primarily paintings but also include some early woodblock prints and sculpture. The large majority of exhibits come from the collection of the Meishuguan which, as the foremost official art gallery in China, holds an unparalleled collection of officially-approved material from these 90 years. A few loans from other collections in China. A total of some 350 works by leading Chinese artists past and present. Many of the original paintings shown have been used in propaganda posters. Illustrated throughout with high quality colour plates. Text in Chinese. Not easy to obtain as the majority of the print run of this catalogue has been given to high-level Chinese government officials to commemorate the anniversary.
Subjects: Painting Art
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