Mou Baolei: LONGQUAN YAO TONGJIAN. Highlights of Celadon: Longquan Kiln. 龍泉窯通鑑 。 牟寶蕾 著. Qingci Yaolan. Hangzhou, 2017. 309 pp. Colour plates throughout, a good number full page. 29x22 cm. Boards.
GBP 100.00
Very good survey of Chinese Longquan celadon wares dating from the Northern Song, Southern Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties. An extensive selection of extremely fine examples, all illustrated in colour and with captions giving the name of the museum where held and where excavated, if known. The majority of the pieces shown are held in Chinese museums but a fair number come from museums in Japan and elsewhere, including the Topkapi Saray. In Chinese.
Subjects: Ceramics
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