Museum of Oriental Ceramics,: HEKIRYOKU NO HANA: KOKUSAI KORYU KIKAKUTEN MINDAI RYUSENYO SEIJI DAIYO FUDOGAN YOSHI HAKKUTSU DEIKATEN. Special Exhibition: The Flower of Jade Green: Longquan Celadon of the Ming Dynasty: Recent Archaeological Findings of the Dayao Fengdongyan Kiln Site. Osaka, 2011. 157 pp. Colour plates throughout. 24x19 cm. Wrappers.
GBP 60.00
Catalogue of a loan exhibition showing recent finds of Ming dynasty Longquan ware (long popular in Japan) from the Dayao Fengdongyan kiln site in China's Zhejiang province. This kiln produced Longquan celadon wares for the Chinese court during the Hongwu and Yongle reigns of the Ming dynasty. Shows 80 excavated and reconstructed items. Introduction, captions to plates and list of exhibits in English. Main text in Japanese.
Subjects: Ceramics Archaeology
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