Ming Xiaoyan & Wiest, Jean-Paul ed: LISHI YIZONG: ZHENGFUSI TIANZHUJIAO MUDI. When Stone Speaks: Zhengfusi Catholic Cemetery. Beijing, 2007. 279 pp. Numerous colour and (predominantly) b/w plates. 29x22 cm. Cloth.
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Most interesting work on the Qing dynasty Jesuit cemetery in Beijing located at Zhengfusi temple in the west of the city. The work accompanies the exhibition at the Museum of Stone Carving in Beijing of large tombstones of Jesuit missionaries which have been relocated from the Zhengfusi temple to the museum. Numerous illustrations of rubbings of headstones showing the Latin and Chinese inscriptions. Includes both famous Jesuit missionaries such as Gerbillon, Bouvet and Amiot, together with lesser-known individuals. Five pages of prefaces plus list of tombstones of missionaries in English. Main text in Chinese.
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