Mao Zedong: MAO ZEDONG SHICI LIUSHIQI SHOU. (Sixty-seven Poems by Mao Zedong). 毛澤東詩詞六十七首. Nanjing, 2001. 1, 28 folded leaves, Chinese-style. 33x21 cm. Stitched, in yellow brocade with blue silk box.
GBP 200.00
Fine, intriguing contemporary Chinese book production at the service of Mao's creative legacy as 'the' member of New China's 'literati'. Mao's poems in traditional forms are printed using porcelain moveable type ('ni huozi ban') with blue ink under the direction of Yangzhou's Guangling Shushe. All text in Chinese. A collector's item now hard to find. Mint copy as new.
Subjects: Poetry Printing
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