Lo, Andrew, Wood, Frances et al: CHINESE EXPORT PAINTINGS OF THE QING PERIOD IN THE BRITISH LIBRARY. Da Ying Tushuguan Te Cang Zhongguo Qingdai Waixiao Hua Jinghua. Guangzhou, 2011. Various paginations (200-300 pp. per volume). Colour plates throughout each volume. 8 vols. 29x29 cm. Cloth.
GBP 1,500.00
A large eight-volume work showing a total of 748 export paintings dating from the Qing dynasty in the collection of the British Library. The first time this excellent collection has been published in a manner depicting the true scope and range of the British Library's holdings. Most of the paintings are very rare, some may be unique. The painting are divided into a number of categories ranging from Canton Harbour and the City of Canton, costumes of emperors through to commoners, street occupations in Canton, government offices and regalia, punishments, gardens, mansions, temples and sacrifices, opium scenes, interiors and furnishings, birds and plants, theatre scenes, boats, ships and river scenes in Guangdong, customs and scenes of old Peking, Peking shop signs.
Each section includes an introduction and has commentary and description of each painting. Includes oil paintings, paintings on pith paper, watercolours, drawings and printed material.
An excellent visual and research reference (not least for cross-cultural contact at the time) and an important addition to the literature on the subject.
Dual texts in Chinese and English. Out-of-print and hard to obtain.
Subjects: Export Art Painting
Item 464 in List 204.
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