Liu Dalin comp: ZHONGGUO XINGSHI TUJIAN. Illustrated Hard Book of Chinese Sex History. Changchun, 2000. 502 pp. Colour illustrations throughout. 2 vols. 29x22 cm. Cloth.
GBP 330.00
By Liu Dalin, often referred to as the 'Chinese Kinsey', this is a two volume study on sex history in China with copious colour illustrations. Includes the ancient worship of sex, group marriage and monogamy, sexual intercourse and sexual skills, homosexuality, prostitutes and eunuchs, footbinding, the art and literature of sex, religion and sex, sex education etc. Illustrations include many paintings, ceramics and figurines depicting sexual acts, Tibetan metalwork, book illustrations etc. A serious study on the subject that also provides much of interest for collectors of erotica. Edition limited to 1000 copies. In Chinese. Out-of-print and scarce.
Subjects: Sex
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