Lin Haicun: SAIYIMA YU TUERBINNUO WENHUA YU SHIQIAN SICHOU ZHI LU. Seima-Turbino Culture and the Proto-Silk Road. Shanghai, 2019. 4, 2, 2, ii, 336 pp. Numerous colour illustrations and b/w text drawings. 26x19 cm. Wrappers.
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The Seima-Turbino culture originated in the Altai mountains around 2200-1700 BC and its influence spread across the Eurasian steppes. It had an early metal-casting technology that suggests it was responsible for the development of metallurgy in China. This is a good and detailed study of the culture and its metallurgy. Well-illustrated with fascinating bronze objects held in collections in China and the Former Soviet Union. List of contents and captions to plates in English. Also two essays in English; Lin: 'New Archaeological Evidence on the Origin of Chinese Bronze Cultures' and, Lin & Liu: 'The Origins of Metallurgy in China'.
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