Lin Liqu ed: KUAYUE HAIYANG: HAISHANG SICHOU ZHI LU YU SHIJIE WENMING JINCHENG GUOJI XUESHU LUNTAN WENXUAN. (Papers Presented at the International Symposium 'Reaching Across the Oceans: The Maritime Silk Road and the Course of World Culture'). 跨越海洋 : “海上絲綢之路與世界文明進程” 國際學術論壇文選 。 林立群 主編. Hangzhou, 2012. 3, 2, 381 pp. 26x18 cm. Wrappers.
GBP 50.00
Proceedings of a symposium held in Ningbo in China in 2011. Thirty-one papers were given, all reproduced here. 28 in Chinese, 3 in English - Salmon: Srivijaya, China and Chinese Merchants (10th-12th Centuries); Adolphson: The Coin Conundrum in Twelfth Century Japan; Carioti: The International Role of the Zheng Maritime Organization in 17th Century East Asia. Hard to obtain.
Subjects: Trade Maritime
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