Linqing: JIANGSU MINGSHENG TUJI. (An Illustrated Record of the Famous Sights of Jiangsu). 江蘇名勝圖記 。 麟慶 撰. Yangzhou, 2002. c. 200 pp. 60 double page b/w illustrations. 2 vols. 28x18 cm. Stitched, brocade case.
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This is an illustrated record of sights, scenery and events recorded whilst the Qing dynasty scholar official Linqing was posted to the Jiangsu region. The 60 descriptions are each accompanied by a double page illustration measuring 35x28 cm. Linqing asked the artist Wang Yingfu to provide the illustrations from his impressions. The illustrations and texts are selected from Linqing' s most famous work - the beautifully illustrated 'Hongxue Yinyuan Tuji' published in 1849. In Chinese.
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