Lin Qing: HONGXUE YINYUAN TUJI. 鴻雪因緣圖記 。 麟慶撰. Beijing, 2011. 768 pp. B/w illustrations throughout all 3 volumes. 3 vols. 25x25 cm. Paper.
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Facsimile in somewhat reduced size of the well-known autobiography of the Manchu official Linqing, illustrated by his artist-secretaries, and printed in Yangzhou. The work is in three parts, each beginning with a portrait of the author at different ages - 39, 50 and 53 years respectively. Each part contains 80 episodes, and each episode is accompanied by an illustration. It is these superb woodcut illustrations that distinguish the work, making it one of the finest illustrated books of its age, with a wealth of visual material on life and work in late imperial China. Linqing served as a prefect in various provinces of China and was well-travelled - the episodes with accompanying illustrations range from visits to famous mountains and gardens to cities, river conservancy work, conversations about chrysanthemums and dinners in fragrant groves.
 This facsimile is of the first illustrated edition of the work from a fine copy held in the National Library of China. All text in Chinese.
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