Li Shi ed: GUGONG SHUHUA GUAN 1-9. (The Calligraphy and Painting Gallery of the Palace Museum: Parts 1-9). Beijing, 2008-10. c.200 pp. per volume. Colour plates throughout each volume. B/w text illustrations. 9 vols. 32x25 cm. Boards.
GBP 500.00
Complete set of nine catalogues of the ongoing series of exhibitions held in the Wuyingdian exhibition hall in the Forbidden City in Beijing showing highlights of Chinese painting and calligraphy from across the ages in the Gugong Museum's holdings, from the earliest examples through to the early 20th century. Many of the exhibits in this and subsequent exhibitions were in the former imperial collection. All catalogues illustrated throughout in fine colour and described. Some of the catalogues have essays in English but the text is predominantly Chinese. A couple of the catalogues are now out--of-print.
Subjects: Calligraphy Painting
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