Krahl, Regina: CHINESE CERAMICS FROM THE MEIYINTANG COLLECTION: VOLUME THREE. London, 2006. 614 pp. Colour plates throughout. 2 vols. 36x26 cm. Cloth, slipcase.
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The Meiyintang collection is one of the finest and largest private collections of Chinese ceramics in the West. Assembled over some 40 years and covering every period from the Yangshao culture to the Qing period, the collection is famous as a comprehensive overview of Chinese ceramic art. The emphasis of the collection is on quality and rarity.
Since the publication of the first two volumes (details available), the collection has almost doubled in size and expanded in scope to include ceramic types not previously represented, as well as individual masterpieces from old collections.
This Volume Three (which comprises two physical volumes) comprehensively covers material from the beginnings of pottery making in the Neolithic to the end of the stoneware tradition after the Song dynasty. They are conceived as a supplement to Volume One which spans the same period. Nearly 600 pieces are shown in fine colour and fully described. Accompanied by introductory essays. A fine work and an excellent reference. Other volumes in the series also available.
Subjects: Ceramics
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