JINSHI ZHONGGUO YINGXIANG ZILIAO: 1793 NIAN YILAI XIFANG DE ZHONGGUO YINGXIANG. (Images of Modern China: Western Images of China from 1793 onwards). Hefei, 2013. Colour and (predominantly) b/w plates throughout all volumes. 14 vols. 30x21 cm. Boards.
GBP 2,800.00
Volume One shows a large selection of images from two early English illustrated books on China: William Alexander's 'The Costume of China' and Thomas Allom's 'China in a Series of Views'.
Volumes 2-14 then move into the era of photography and contents are as follows: Volume 2 shows the photographic work of Ernst Ohlmer, S. Yamamoto and Lilias Graham; Volume 3 is devoted to the work of John Thomson; Volume 4 continues the work of John Thomson and shows work by Thomas Child; Volume 5 illustrates work by G. Ernest Morrison; Volume 6 continues coverage of photography by Morrison; Volume 7 Morrison; Volume 8 comprises photography by Ernst Boerschmann; Volume 9 shows photography by Thomas Chamberlin; Volume 10 continues the work of Chamberlin; Volume 11: E. Henry Wilson; Volume 12: J. C. Oswald; Volume 13: Frank N. Meyer; Volume 14: continues Meyer.
Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies. The photographs are from the holdings of the Chinese Institute of Social Sciences (Zhongguo Shehui Kexue Xueyuan) and include much rare and unpublished material. All text in Chinese other than brief titles to sections giving names of photographers in English.
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