JAPAN PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM. N.p. n.d. (1890s). 35 hand-coloured photographs (of which one a three-panel foldout) mounted in album. 27x32 cm. Boards. Leather spine with much wear.
GBP 700.00
Souvenir album of 35 hand-coloured photographs of Japan dating from the 1890s. Each photograph measures c. 20x26 cm. The photographs have the following titles - either hand-written below the image or produced on the image margin.
Kyoto from Yaame Hotel
Sacred Cherry Tree Gion Temple Kyoto
Street Scene Kyoto
Kyumizo Temple Kyoto
Tea House
Cherry Dance Kyoto (Three panel foldout showing Japanese women kneeling, playing instruments or standing holding fans as part of the dance). The foldout is captioned at the bottom of the image as follows: The 'Miyako-Odori Dancing in Kioto, Which Is Peculiar in Japan, Is Opened for about a Month Every Year, the Dancers and Musicians are Most Famous Dancing and Singing Girls in Kioto, The Photos Show Their Charming Figures as They Were Taken in the Same Manner'.
17. Japanese Picnic at Kioto Maple Place
Buddhist Procession
Interior of House
Entrance to Yaame Hotel Kyoto
Peony Show
4. Budish Temple Chionin-Kioto
Approach to Chionin Temple Kyoto
Entrance Gate Chionin Temple
Shrine Chionin Temple
Lake Biwa
Katsugawa Rapids
Katsugawa Rapids
Pine Tree in Shape of a Boat. Kunka Kuji Palace
Kunka Kuji palace Kyoto
Saki and Pipes
Bamboo Avenue
Lake Biwa. Village of Otsu
The Pine Tree of Karasaki
One Hundred Children (dated 1894)
Deer Park Nara
Nara (Temple Gate in a forest)
Nara (Path amongst pine trees)
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