JIUJING XINGSHI HUABAO. (The Jiujing Xingshi Illustrated Paper). Beijing, 2003. 10, 173 pp. B/w illustrations throughout 29x29 cm. Cloth.
GBP 50.00
An interesting work on a publication about which we can find no information, other than that stated in this book. The Jiujing Xingshi Huabao, roughly translated as 'Illustrated News of the Striking World of the Old Capital', had a very short life span, being printed in only 60 or so issues in Beijing in 1908/9. The work appears to be a Beijing version of the successful Dianshizhai Huabao and associated publications that flourished in Shanghai from the 1880s onwards. Each illustrated edition (of which 42 are shown here) comprised just a few pages and told various tales, often strange and scandalous, of life in Beijing. The work lacks the finesse of the Shanghai versions but is similar in style. In Chinese.
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