Jin Jian: QINDING WUYINGDIAN JUZHENBAN CHENGSHI. (The Process of Printing in Wuyingdian Using Movable Type). Beijing, 2007. 2, 1, 34 folded leaves, 16 fullpage b/w woodcut illustrations. 27x17 cm. Stitched, cloth case.
GBP 150.00
Jin Jian was made Superintendent of Wuyingdian (The Imperial Printing Press) in 1773 and supervised work for compiling the part of the Siku Quanshu project whereby reprints of rare works were made, some copied from the Yongle Dadian. Jin Jian proposed that these reprints be made using movable wooden type, which the Emperor approved. Thereafter, in the course of six months, a set of about 253,000 wooden type in two sizes was completed. Qianlong gave this method of movable type printing (usually known as Huozi Ban) the name 'Wuyingdian Juzhenban' and wrote a poem to commemorate the initiation of the project. By 1777 over 30 works had been printed and Jin Jian published, also using movable type, an illustrated work (as here) on the project and the process of the printing. The work contains information and reproduction of documents relating to the enterprise and is illustrated with 16 appealing woodcut illustrations showing the process and stages in producing movable type and its preparation for use in printing. By the time of the completion of the project (around 1794), 134 works had been published and were brought together in a collectanea known as the Wuyingdian Juzhenban Congshu. Enlarged facsimile reprint of the 1777 original. In Chinese. Out-of-print and now hard to find.
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