Jiao Hong comp: YANG ZHENG TUJIE. (Illustrated History of Righteous Men (with Imperial Supplements)). Tianjin, 1997. 6 ce of folded leaves, Chinese-style, in two ‘han’ consisting of yellow fabric wrappers between wood-stained ‘aged’ boards. 60 b/w woodblock illustrations based on designs after Ding Yunpeng. 6 vols. 32x20 cm. Stitched.
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Facsimile edition of a famous illustrated work, based on the late-Qing imperially commissioned edition produced in the Wuyingdian, 1895.
The original of this work was compiled and published during the late Ming period by Jiao Hong (1541-1620) with illustrations based on designs by Ding Yunpeng. The first printed edition is dated to Wanli 22 (1594) and had blocks carved by Huang Lin, a member of the renowned Huang family of woodblock cutters, according to Zheng Zhenduo.
The Guangxu emperor ordered this edition to be prepared, according to the edict printed as preface to the work, based on a manuscript copy in the imperial collections (Neifu jiu cun xieben), and other prefaces relate the story of the early editions and source for the illustrations which must mean that the 'xieben' was either an original that carvers of the early editions worked from or a careful early manuscript copy. The edition was finished in 1895. The edict also mentions imperial patronage of the book, represented here in the form of printed appendixes with regulated poems (shi) written for the book's anecdotes and illustrations by the Qianlong emperor and corresponding poetic eulogies (can) by the Jiaqing emperor.
The finely executed illustrations generally show the focal personage - a figure of virtue - in court or domestic settings, chiefly as a scholar surrounded by his books, paintings, bronzes, and other implements, including furniture and textiles.
While the accompanying 'aged' wooden boards and fabric (faux silk) wrappers are 'fanciful' this is nonetheless a fine facsimile, giving a good representation of an important illustrated work and also the craftsmanship of the imperial, Wuyingdian workshops of the late Qing. Out-of-print and hard to find. The first time we have seen this edition.
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