HAN'GUK UI HOEHWA. (Korean Painters Series). Seoul, 1989. Each volume c. 230 pp. Colour plates throughout, some folding. Reproductions of seals. Chronologies. 8 vols. 38x27 cm. Cloth.
GBP 300.00
Complete set of a very well-produced and illustrated series of books devoted to Korean painters working in the traditional manner. With detailed captions and good apparatus in Korean. The individual volumes are as follows:
  1) Sorim, Cho Skok-chin (1853-1920); ed. by Ho Yong-hwan.
  2) Simjon, An Chung-sik (1861-1919); ed. by Ho Yong-hwan.
  3) Ch'ongjon, Yi Sang-Bom (Lee Sang-bum, 1897-1972); ed. by Yi Ku-yol.
  4) Sojong, Pyon Kwan-sik (1899-1976); ed. by O Kwang-su.
  5) Uijae, Ho Paeng-nyon (1891-1977); ed. by Pak Chin-ju.
  6) Idang, Kim Un-ho (1892-1979); ed. by Pak Yong-suk.
  7) Simhyang, Pak Sung-mu (1893-); ed. by Yi Kyong-song.
  8) Simsan, No Su-hyon (1899-); ed. by Yi Hung-u.
  Some volumes had been issued separately and earlier, from 1978, and were then reissued in 1989 for the complete set; other volumes are first published in 1989 to complete the set. All text in Korean.
Subjects: Painting
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