Huang Shangwen; Cheng Boyang illus: NU FAN BIAN. (Writings on Exemplary Women). Beijing, 2018. 31; 34; 39; 31 folded leaves. 120 full page b/w illustrations spread throughout each volume. Three page loose explanatory insert. 4 vols. 33x22 cm. Stitched, cloth case.
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Fine facsimile of a rare Ming woodblock printed work from the Wanli reign. Describes 120 stories of exemplary and virtuous women throughout Chinese history from the ancient Zhou through the centuries to the Ming dynasty when this work was first written and printed. The story of each lady's accomplishments is accompanied by a full page black-and-white woodblock illustration from paintings by Cheng Boyang. In addition to being a fine reproduction of a rare work, provides interesting insights and opportunities for research into the roles and duties of women throughout China's history. The work is also of interest for the images which, in varying forms, can be found on other media in Chinese art, particularly paintings and ceramics. The facsimile done from the copy held in the National Library of China. Four juan in four volumes. A three page loose insert gives the history and context of the work. All text in Chinese. Produced in a very limited edition of just 200 copies.
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