Huang Fengchi comp. (Omura Seigai ed.): JIYA ZHAI HUAPU/SHUGASAI GAFU/HASSHU GAFU/BA ZHONG HUAPU. (Painting Album from the Studio of Assembled Elegance). Tokyo, 1924-25. c.50 folded leaves per volume. Reproductions of woodblock-printed text and full page b/w lithographic illustrations throughout each volume 4 vols. 30x19 cm. Stitched.
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'Jiya Zhai Huapu' was first published in the late Ming. It was transmitted to Japan where it was recut and published as Hasshu Gafu (Eight Painting Manuals). This name then went back to China as Ba Zhong Huapu. However, the work is known in China by the name Tang Shi Huapu. Is this a pure Chinese name or of Japanese origin? Tang being a Japanese term for China....
Also known as Ba Zhong Huapu or Hasshu Gafu in Japanese.
Divided into 4 volumes by category of content.
Tang Poems; Bird-and Flower Painting; Poems on Flowers and Grasses; Plum, Bamboo, Orchid and Chrysanthemum Painting.
Very fine fullpage black-and-white woodblock illustrations of exquisitely-detailed and beautiful Ming dynasty woodblock prints. The quality and detail of the illustrations is such that we initially thought they were lithographic illustration!
Compiled by Huang Fengchi in the late Ming dynasty. A painting manual. Wanli Gengshen (1620) dated preface to Plum, Bamboo etc. volume. Tianqi Yuan Nian (1621) preface to Bird-and-Flower and Poems on Flowers-and-Grasses volumes.
Published in Japan in 1924-25.
Generally in fine condition. Occasional creasing to edges of covers. All text in Chinese. Complete in the four volumes. Very rare.
Subjects: Painting Illustrated Books
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