Hu Shangde ed: JINGYITANG CANG CI. (Porcelain from the Jingyitang Collection). Nanchang, 2001. xi, 274; xiv, 344 pp. Colour plates throughout. 2 vols. 29x22 cm. Cloth.
GBP 180.00
A large finely-produced work with excellent colour plates on 20th century porcelain from the privately-held Jingyitang collection.
Volume One covers ceramics in general - vases, brushpots, teapots etc. and shows 358 pieces. It is divided into sections on Xuantong Imperial Wares (19), Hongxian porcelains (31), Republican wares (119), copies of earlier ceramics, particularly Qing wares (99) and post 1949 works (90).
Volume Two focuses on the painted ceramic plaques that were a feature of 20th century Jingdezhen artistic output. 430 items are shown. With sections on Qianjiang artists (30), works by the Eight Friends of Zhushan (122), works by other Republican ceramic artists (182) and post 1949 works (96).
All base marks, inscriptions and signatures are shown. The entire 20th century is covered but the focus is on the first 50 years or so. The work of many artists is shown for the first time - as are the vast majority of pieces. An extremely useful addition to the still limited body of literature on the subject. Text in Chinese.
Subjects: Ceramics
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