Hui, Humphrey K. F. and Peter Y. K. Lam: HONG YING YAO HUI: LI JINGXUN CANG QINGDAI BOLI. Elegance and Radiance: Grandeur in Qing Glass: The Andrew K. F. Lee Collection. 虹影瑤輝 : 李景勳藏清代玻璃. Hong Kong, 2000. 384 pp. 200 colour plates. 33x25 cm. Cloth.
GBP 300.00
Catalogue of an excellent exhibition of Qing dynasty glass at the Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong. 148 items, both monochrome and multicoloured examples, many with reign marks and dating from the 17th to early 20th century are illustrated (many from different angles or with close-up detail) and provided with detailed descriptions, supporting material and, in a number of cases, panoramic rubbings of their decorative designs. An additional bonus is the first-time publication of archival records of glass production. In English and Chinese. An excellent addition to the limited literature on the subject. Out-of-print and hard to find.
Subjects: Glass
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