Higuchi, Hiroshi: CHUGOKU HANGA SHUSEI. A Collection of Chinese Woodblock Prints. Tokyo, 1967. 5 loose leaves with introductory text and lists of contents. 103 loose leaves (of which 96 illustrated) showing 327 illustrations, the first 10 with tipped-in colour plates, the remaining 86 b/w. Text booklet with 1, 1, 89, 8 pp. 38x26 cm. Loose in cloth case. Text booklet.
GBP 650.00
A very comprehensive survey of the finest Chinese woodblock prints. A total of 103 loose leaves show 327 illustrations, the majority black-and-white, divided by sections as follow. Part I: Suchow and Yangliuching Colour Prints; Part II: Chronological Summary; Part III: Shuiyin Hua Prints; Part IV: Muke Hua Prints; Part V: Suchow Prints; Part VI: Yangliuching Nian Hua Prints; Part VII: Other Nian Hua Prints. A very fine selection of Chinese woodblock prints from the earliest times up to the early 1940s. It is unclear where the prints are held. Of particular interest for the Suzhou prints. Accompanying text booklet with English essay: A Historical Sketch of Chinese Woodblock Prints and fuller Japanese text. A rare work.
Subjects: Woodcuts Printing
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