Hangzhou City Archives ed: QINGDAI HANG CHENG QUAN TU. (A Collection of Qing Dynasty Maps of Hangzhou). Hangzhou, 2011. 10 pp. text plus 159 pp. full page colour plates. 42x29 cm. Cloth.
GBP 250.00
A fine study of 11 Qing dynasty Chinese maps of Hangzhou dating from 1674 to 1873. All the maps are reproduced in full page colour plates and, in one case, reproducing all the separate sections. Ten pages of introductory text. The work is accompanied by five separate large foldout reproductions of maps of varying sizes (and presumably to their original sizes) as follows: 1. Zhejiang Sheng Tan Fang Gang Quan Tu (hand painted); 2. Zhejiang Sheng Tan Fang Gang Quan Tu; 3. Zhejiang Sheng Cheng Tu; 4. Zhejiang Sheng Tan Cheng Xiang Zong Tu; 5. Zhejiang Sheng Tan Shuili Quan Tu.
Text in Chinese. Out-of-print. The first time we have managed to obtain a copy of this work.
Subjects: Maps and Atlases Cities
Item 389 in List 204.
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