Han Meilin: LIANG GONG ZAI SHOU & CAOSHU XIN JIAXUAN ER SHOU: PO CHENZI ZHEGU TIAN. Good Bow in Hands (Accompanied by a separate folding album with full-size reproduction of a grass script calligraphy handscroll of two poems by the Song Dynasty Poet Xin Qiji (Xin Jiaxuan): 'A Poem for Chen Tongfu' and 'The Partridge Sky'). Nanjing, 2011. 391 pp. Full page colour plates throughout. Accordion-style foldout album comprising one continual and very long full length colour plate life-size reproduction of a calligraphy handscroll. 2 vols. 43x30 cm. Cloth.
GBP 650.00
Large format catalogue of the work of the highly-regarded contemporary Chinese calligrapher, Han Meilin. A comprehensive survey. Han Meilin was honoured with an exhibition at the National Museum of China at the end of 2011. No catalogue was produced for the exhibition and it may be that this work was intended to accompany the exhibition. Illustrated throughout with full page colour plates. Extensive introduction and introductory essays in English. Fuller text in Chinese.
Accompanied by a separate accordion-style album containing a (presumably) full-size reproduction of a calligraphy handscroll in grass (cursive) script by Han Meilin of two poems by the Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji (literati name: Xin Jiaxuan): 'Po Chen Zi' (A Poem for Chen Tongfu) and 'Zhegu Tian' (The Partridge Sky).
Extremely hard to obtain.
Subjects: Calligraphy
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