Halliday, M. A. K: THE LANGUAGE OF THE CHINESE 'SECRET HISTORY OF THE MONGOLS'. Publications of the Philological Society, XVII. Oxford, 1974. xvi, 235 pp. Numerous tables, one folding chart with a syllabary. Appendixes, bibliography. 23x15 cm. Cloth.
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The is substantially the publication of Halliday's PhD thesis, a brilliant 'descriptive grammar' of the language in a Chinese translation of an early biography of Genghis Khan, probably dating from the mid-late 14th century and giving some idea of a vernacular register of the time. Halliday went on to become an important theoretical linguist, one of the few to have had a serious and well-founded scholarly interest in Chinese. Second impression of a book first issued in 1959.
Subjects: Language
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