Gaozong (the Qianlong Emperor): YUZHI YUANMINGYUAN SISHI JING SHI. (Imperially-Commissioned Illustrations and Poems of Forty Scenes in the Garden of Perfect Brightness). 御制圓明園四十景詩. Zhonghua Zaizao Shanben. Beijing, 2003. Vol. I: 78 folded leaves plus 20 b/w foldout w/block illustrations; Vol. II: 50 folded leaves plus 20 b/w foldout w/block illustrations. 2 vols. 33x25 cm. Stitched, cloth case.
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A fine facsimile of the famous woodblock-printed work on views at the Yuanmingyuan (The Garden of Perfect Brightness), the favoured residence of the Qing emperors located outside Peking. The original woodblock work was based on the unique painted album of 40 views at Yuanmingyuan commissioned by order of the Qianlong Emperor in 1736 by the Qing court painters, Shen Yuan and Tang Dai. It seems that the album was commissioned by the Yongzheng emperor but he died before its creation. Each view accompanied by a poem of appreciation composed by the Qianlong Emperor and written by the famous calligrapher, Wang Youdun. This album is now in the Bibliotheque nationale de France. The woodblock-printed version was commissioned by Qianlong to celebrate the completion of the painted album and printed at the imperial printing press Wuying Dian in the Forbidden City in 1745. The text accompanying each foldout illustration contains the Qianlong emperor's poems plus additional annotation and discussion. This facsimile was done from the copy of the work held in the National Library of China. Whilst the forty foldout woodblock illustrations are black-and-white, the text is an example of taoyin printing, black woodblock-printed text with colour highlighting in red. A pleasing work reflecting the peak of the glory of the Yuanmingyuan. In Chinese.
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