GUOQING JIE BEIJING LUXING DUIWU SHEJI TU 1959. (Hand-painted Scroll Planning the 1959 National Day Parade in Beijing). 國慶節北京旅行隊伍設計圖 1959. N.p. (Beijing?), n.d. (1958/59). Colour hand-painted scenes along the entirety of the scroll. 26x335 cm. Handscroll.
GBP 6,000.00
An extraordinary item - a hand-painted scroll comprising an outline planning document for the order of the civilian part of the spectacular 1959 National Day (Guoqing) parade on Tian'anmen Square in Beijing which celebrated the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic. The parade was attended by Khrushchev (and many other foreign communist dignitaries) and was his last meeting with Mao prior to the Sino-Soviet Split. The scroll shows scenes of people marching holding flags and banners, holding large communist slogans, decorations etc. Whilst the actual parade was much more elaborate, this scroll obviously provided general guidance as can be seen from watching actual film footage of the parade where some of the slogans and decorations appear. At intervals the bottom unpainted margin of the scroll has hand-written ink inscriptions (some of which continue onto affixed foldout tabs) giving details of numbers of people in particular sections of the march etc. One such inscription mentions the tenth anniversary of the Peoples Republic and thus dates the scroll. The dating of the scroll can also generally be assessed from a couple of the slogans on the scroll such as 'Da Yue Jin Wan Sui!' (Long Live the Great Leap Forward!) and 'Yi Sulian Wei Shou de Shehuizhuyi Zhenying Wan Sui!' (Long Live Socialism under the Leadership of the Soviet Union!)
 The scroll is made up of a number of thick paper panels joined together. Vertical creases along the length of the scroll. A few small marks here and there. The colours very fresh. All text in Chinese. Extremely rare, near unique. Given the amount of time and effort put into the production of this scroll, it is hard to believe that more than one was produced for the parade of any given year. It is also fascinating that such a communist item was produced in such a traditional format. Images available on request.
Subjects: Painting Propaganda
Item 381 in List 204.
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