Guo Daiheng & He Yan: SHEN CANG JIYI YICHAN ZHONG DE YUANMINGYUAN - YANGSHIFANG TUDANG YANJIU. (Hidden Memories in the Heritage of Yuanmingyuan - Research into the Illustrated Archives of Yangshifang, the Qing Imperial Architectural Bureau). Shanghai, 2016. 213; 237; 211; 205 pp. Colour illustrations (many full page) plus colour and b/w architectural illustrations and plans throughout each volume. 4 vols. 29x24 cm. Cloth.
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The Yangshifang was the architectural bureau of the Qing imperial government, responsible for the design and construction of imperial palaces, temples and other government structures. The Yangshifang was overseen for eight generations by the famous Lei family of architects and responsible for many hugely important imperial buildings now designated World Heritage Sites, not least the Qing Summer Resort at Chengde and the Old Summer Palace, the Yuanmingyuan. This fascinating four-volume work draws on the Lei family archives of building plans for palaces and structures at Yuanmingyuan and is a significant advance in our understanding of the architecture of this now-destroyed imperial complex much loved by the Qing emperors. In addition to illustration of many plans of buildings, floor plans, layouts etc., there is visual reconstruction of how the palaces, halls and other buildings would have looked in their heyday. Focuses on the Chinese part of the gardens (about which so little is known) but volume 4 contains material relating to the European-style palaces. A valuable study reference. Text in Chinese. Hard to obtain.
Subjects: Architecture Court Life
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