Guo Shuang: MU OUREN JI. (A Collection of Wooden Figures). Beijing and Taikang 2019. 57 loose original b/w woodblock prints. 10x10 cm. Loose.
GBP 4,000.00
An intensely personal collection of 57 original black-and-white woodblock prints depicting people from across China afflicted by the painful and disabling condition, ankylosing spondylitis. For the artist, Guo Shuang, this is a subject close to her heart as her uncle is a sufferer. All the people depicted belong to her uncle's social media support group. They were asked all to send a biographical piece outlining their stories, lives and thoughts. Guo Shuang then interpreted these in small delicate woodblock-printed images, together with woodblock-printed text telling each person's story.
Guo Shuang is a contemporary Chinese print artist increasingly impressive for the thought processes in her work.
As well as a time-consuming and thoughtful expression of contemporary Chinese woodblock-printed art, this is also an insight into the lives of the disabled in modern-day China and how they are embracing new technology and media to support each other and share their experiences.
Produced on sheets on paper generally measuring 21x32 cm (some sheets smaller) but the printed area for all prints is 10x10 cm.
All text in Chinese.
A proposed edition of 50 but unlikely to ever be produced in its entirety.
Subjects: Woodcuts Medicine
Available, as of: 12/02/2022
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