Guo Pu comp: ERYA YIN TU. (Illustrated Edition of the Erya). Tianjin, 2008. Various pagings of folded leaves (c. 50 per volume), Chinese-style. Text and woodcut illustrations of flora, fauna, humans, natural and supernatural phenomena, etc. throughout. 3 vols. 33x22 cm. Stitched, brocade case.
GBP 200.00
The earliest extant illustrated edition of this ancient Chinese lexicon (and sometime Classic) was produced in 1801 as an accurate facsimile of an original Song imprint. This, in turn, is a modern facsimile of the 1801 edition, with good reproductions of its many fine illustrations. Guo Pu (276-324) of the Jin period is credited with compiling and annotating this version of the 'Erya' which has claims to being considered the first Chinese dictionary. It is basically a philologically valuable collection of early glosses on words in pre-Qin period texts, probably assembled during the Qin or early Han period. Illustrated throughout. In Chinese. Out-of-print and scarce.
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