Gugong Museum ed: GUGONG BOWUYUAN CANG QINGDAI BIYUQI YU MANASI. Jasper Wares of Qing Dynasty Collected by the Palace Museum and Manasi. Beijing, 2014. 351 pp. Colour plates throughout, many full page. 29x21 cm. Wrappers.
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Shows 157 examples of imperial jasper jade (biyu) wares held in the collection of the Gugong Museum in the Forbidden City in Beijing. Predominantly Qing dynasty, in particular, the Qianlong period, when use of this jade reached its peak. This jasper jade was coveted by the Qing Emperors, most notably, Qianlong. It was used for imperial seals and jade books but also in a wide range of other shapes and forms, from brushpots and covered vessels to animal ornaments and carved landscape scenes. Although not stated, these highly-impressive objects undoubtedly come from the former imperial collection. Illustrated throughout in colour. List of contents, two-page preface, list of plates and captions in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Jade
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