Gugong Museum: RU CI YA JI: GUGONG BOWUYUAN ZHENCANG JI CHUTU RUYAO CIQI HUICUI. Selection of Ru Ware: The Palace Museum's Collection and Archaeological Excavation. Beijing, 2015. 309 pp. Full page colour plates throughout. 29x29 cm. Boards.
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Catalogue of a marvellous exhibition at the Gugong Museum in Beijing showing 118 exhibits of superb and rare examples of Northern Song dynasty Ru wares together with excavated examples from the Ru kilns in Henan province. Also later wares imitating Ru. Divided into three sections: Part One: Treasures for Many Generations: Ru Kiln Porcelain Collected in the Palace Museum and Other Museums; Part Two: Kiln Relics: Samples and Kiln furniture from Qingliangsi Site and Zhanggongxiang Site; Part Three: Lingering Charm of Ru Porcelain: Imitation Porcelain of Ru Kiln Produced by Jingdezhen Kiln in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The appendix lists Ru kiln porcelain in museums and private collections around the world. There are 32 examples of mostly intact superb Ru pieces from the collection of the Gugong Palace Museum in Beijing together with pieces from other museums in China and loans of Ru ware from the British Museum. A number have incised inscriptions by the Qianlong emperor. There are then 57 examples of Ru ceramics excavated from the Ru kilns in Henan, a number reconstructed, together with kiln accoutrements and incomplete pieces. The third section shows 3 Ming and 24 Qing dynasty ceramics imitating Ru wares and which were produced at Jingdezhen. All these are in the collection of the Gugong Museum. All exhibits are illustrated in full colour plates, many in multiple views. All basemarks and inscriptions are shown. Near dual texts in Chinese and English. The essays in Chinese have abstracts in English. An excellent reference on a fabulous ceramic collected and coveted by emperors.
Subjects: Ceramics
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