Gugong Museum: GUANGYING BAINIAN: GUGONG BOWUYUAN JIUSHI HUADAN DIANCANG LAO ZHAOPIAN TEJI. A Century of Light and Shadows: The Palace Museum's Collection of Old Photos, in Celebration of the Museum's 90th Anniversary. Beijing, 2015. 400 pp. B/w photographic illustrations throughout. 33x25 cm. Cloth.
GBP 120.00
Catalogue of an exhibition at the Gugong Museum in Beijing showing many previously-unpublished photographs from the Museum's collection. The exhibition shown in conjunction with the Museum's 90th anniversary. In four sections: Imperial Architecture and Interiors (103 photographs); Individual and Group Portraiture (102); Industry, Education and Railways (114); A New Birth for the Forbidden City (76). A total of 395 black-and-white photographic illustrations. The photographs date from the late Qing through to the 1930s. The portraiture section shows members of the imperial court during the Guangxu and Xuantong (Puyi) reigns and the post-1911 period. These together with numerous luminaries from these times. The third section surveys industrial and educational developments and infrastructure. The final section looks at the establishment and early years of the Palace Museum. Shows officials, surveys, early exhibition hall interiors and, finally, photos showing crates of treasures preparing to be removed to safety in the early 1930s when Beijing was under threat. In Chinese.
Subjects: Photography Forbidden City
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