Gugong Museum: GUGONG JINGDIAN: GUGONG XUAN TONGQI TUDIAN. Xuan Copperware in the Palace Museum Collection. Beijing, 2020. 315 pp. Colour plates throughout, a good number full page. 29x29 cm. Boards.
GBP 150.00
An excellent work showing 172 of these coveted 'xuan style' bronze incense burners in the collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing. The large majority are from the former imperial collection of the Qing dynasty emperors. All to a very high quality. What is astonishing is how many of the burners - practically all - are later in date than the Ming Xuande reign, dating from later in the Ming dynasty and on through the entirety of the Qing dynasty. Some bear basemarks from later Ming reigns (particularly Chongzhen) and also Qing reigns, mainly Yongzheng and Qianlong. Demonstrates how extensively these 'xuan style' burners were copied and collected - even at the highest level!
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