Gugong Museum: GUGONG BOWUYUAN CANGPIN DAXI: FALANGQI BIAN 1-5. Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum: Enamels: Volumes 1-5. Gugong Bowuyuan Cangpin Daxi. Beijing, 2011. c.350-400 pp. per volume. Full page colour plates throughout. 38x27 cm. Cloth.
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Magnificent five-volume set comprising a beautifully-produced large format series on the highly-important collection of Chinese cloisonne in the Gugong Museum in Beijing.
Volume One: Cloisonne from the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. 181 superb examples with 12 dating from the Yuan and the remainder, Ming.
Volume Two: Part One of three covering the very large holdings of Qing dynasty cloisonne and shows 300 exceptional examples dating from the early Qing through to, and including, the Qianlong reign.
Volume Three: Part Two of three covering the very large holdings of Qing dynasty cloisonne and shows a further 300 wonderful examples ranging from large incense burners to vases and Tibetan Buddhist items.
Volume Four: Part Three of three on the Qing dynasty and concludes coverage of this very large holding. Shows a final 300 extremely fine examples ranging from cloisonne ruyi and table screens to archaic-style vessels. All the pieces are attributed as either being mid or late Qing dynasty.
Volume Five shows 300 exceptional and extraordinary examples of Qing dynasty copper-body painted enamels, 'hua falang', the large majority from the former imperial collection. Includes some objects with European scenes. Includes 28 Kangxi pieces (many with 'Kangxi Yuzhi marks'), 15 Yongzheng, an extensive amount of Qianlong marked examples plus various other pieces.
Practically all the examples are from the former imperial collection. All illustrated in high-quality colour plates. Basemarks are shown. Much previoulsy-unpublished material. The smaller objects are shown life-size, the larger ones life-size or near life-size Dual texts in Chinese and English. The best visual reference on the subject. Recommended. Now out-of-print and hard to find.
Subjects: Cloisonné and Enamels
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