FU & SHOU. A Pair of Posters: One with the Character 'Fu', the Second with the Character 'Shou'. 福 & 壽. Shanghai, 1987. Two ‘mirror-image’ colour printed posters. 2 vols. 76x53 cm. Paper.
GBP 150.00
A pair of colourful posters from the 1980s showing happy young girls in traditional costumes each carrying an improbably large peach over their shoulders. Auspicious symbols abound. The posters mirror-image in nianhua (new year print) style. The left-hand poster bearing the character 'Fu' (Happiness) also has the legend at the bottom: 'Dong Hai Zhu Fu' - The Eastern Seas Wish Happiness. The right-hand poster with the character 'Shou' (Long Life) also has the legend at the bottom: 'Nan Shan Xian Shou' - The Southern Mountains Bring Long Life. Generally in fine condition. An occasional mark. Each with a vertical and horizontal crease to each from being folded up. Images available.
Subjects: Posters
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