FOZU SHIJIAMOUNI. (The Buddha Sakyamuni). Beijing, 1999. 6 pp. explanatory leaflet. One paper-cover booklet, 85 pp. Four stitched volumes of 58; 50; 50; 50 folded leaves, Chinese-style, with reproductions of woodcut illustrations throughout. One collection of 36 loose colour printed sheets, most folding, between boards. 28x26 cm. Stitched, brocade box.
GBP 350.00
An elaborate scholarly and devotional publication with a wealth of interesting material. The box contains: a booklet with the text of the 'Diamond Sutra' written out in the calligraphy of the learned monk Hongyi (1880-1942); a facsimile edition of the Kangxi-period 'Illustrated Life of the Buddha [Shakya Tathagata Nirmana]' and the colourful and richly illustrated 'Fajie Yuanliu Tu' by the painter Ding Guanpeng, produced at the behest of the Qianlong emperor in 1767. In Chinese.
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