Fu Shen ed: YUANDAI HUANGSHI SHUHUA SHOUCANG SHILUE. (A Historical Survey of the Yuan Dynasty Imperial Collection of Painting and Calligraphy). 元代皇室書畫收藏史略 。 傅申 著. Shanghai, 2018. 173 pp. Numerous colour text illustrations. 28x21 cm. Wrappers.
GBP 40.00
A study of the imperial collecting of paintings during China's Mongol Yuan dynasty. Focuses on two imperial connoisseurs, Princess Sengge Ragi (c.1283-1331), great-granddaughter of Kublai Khan and her son-in-law, Prince Tugh Temur, who reigned for just four years as the Wenzong Emperor from 1328-1332. Illustrated with numerous paintings and calligraphy known to be in the Yuan collection, together with some associated material. A useful contribution to a little-studied area. In Chinese.
Subjects: Painting Connoisseurship
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