Fok, Thomas: LANGHUAN LINLANG: SONGZHUTANG ZHONGGUO YUYAO CIQI ZHENCANG. Encompassing Precious Beauty: The Songzhutang Collection of Imperial Chinese Ceramics. Hong Kong, 2016. 228 pp. Colour plates throughout, many full page. 32x26 cm. Cloth.
GBP 300.00
Shows 86 extremely fine and beautiful examples of imperial Chinese ceramics from the private Hong Kong Songzhutang collection. The first ceramic illustrated is a northern Song jun vase. This is followed by 9 imperial Ming pieces from the Hongwu-Jiajing reigns. The remaining 76 imperial examples are Qing dating from Kangxi through to Daoguang. Cups, vases, bowls, dishes and other shapes and forms - and includes some pairs. All illustrated in fine and large colour plates, many of the pieces being shown in multiple views plus their basemarks. A very pleasing feature of this work is the size of the illustrations which allows a good number of the examples to be shown life-size or near life-size. Descriptions accompany. Introductory appreciation of the collection by Rosemary Scott. Dual texts in Chinese and English. Hard to obtain.
Subjects: Ceramics
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