Florenz, Prof. Dr. K. & Lloyd, A: WHITE ASTER. A Japanese Epic Together With Other Poems. Tokyo, 1897. 82 pp. Colour woodcuts throughout, a number of which fullpage. 19x15 cm. Stitched decorative crepe paper, decorative board case.
GBP 90.00
A delightful example of a Hasegawa crepe paper book, illustrated throughout with delicious colour woodcuts by two Japanese artists - the majority by Mishima Yunosuke (Shoso), the remainder by Arai Shujiro (Yoshimune). White Aster is also known as the Poem of the Maiden Shirakiku. This occupies the first 70 pages, the remaining 10 pages of text being taken up with other poems. This is the first edition of the English translation by Lloyd from the original German translation by Florenz. Printing, illustrations and paper supplied by T. Hasegawa in Tokyo. Printed on crepe paper, folded Japanese style, beautifully illustrated and decorated throughout. The illustrations have excellent colour and the whole work is in very fine condition, including the printed board box. Rare.
Subjects: Rare Books Literature
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