Fujian Provincial Museum & Beijing Capital Museum ed: HAISHANG SICHOU ZHI LU. Maritime Silk Route. Beijing, 2014. 315 pp. Full page colour plates throughout. 4 foldout maps. 31x24 cm. Cloth.
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Catalogue of an impressive exhibition organized jointly by (and shown at) the Fujian Provincial Museum and the Capital Museum in Beijing and which will then go on to tour cities of Southeast Asia. Explores the history and extent of the Maritime Silk Route which carried trade from East and Southeast China along the coasts of China north to the Korean peninsula and south to Southeast Asia, India and beyond to the Arabian Gulf and East Africa. Illustrated throughout with fascinating and fine Chinese artefacts from throughout the centuries pertaining to this maritime trade and cultural exchange.
In sections: Riding the Great Waves and Exploring the Open Sea (Prehistory-Qin dynasty, Han dynasty and Three Kingdoms period); Prosperous Ports and Extended Sea Routes (From Jin to Tang and the Five Dynasties); Clouds of Sails in the Sea and Thousands of Countries to Trade (Song and Yuan Dynasties); Global Voyaging and the Decline of Maritime Silk Road (Ming and Qing Dynasties). Loans from museums throughout China, mainly those whose province or location borders the sea. Also a few loans from museums outside China. Prefaces, brief introductions to each section and captions to plates in English. Main text (including essays) in Chinese.
Subjects: Maritime Archaeology
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