Dewey, Carol McCurdy: CHINESE LIFE RHYTHMS. Tientsin, c.1935. 62 pp. Many b/w text illustrations. 22x14 cm. Patterned silk with some fading.
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A collection of 60 poems. The author lived in the small walled city of Changli in northern China and these verses relate the impressions and experiences of her life there. The poems range in content from 'The Ancient Pagoda', 'The Knife Sharpener' and 'Whistling Pigeons' to 'Gobi Dust', 'The Taoist Priest', ' The Morphine Addict' and 'The Cave of the Fairies'. The work is enhanced by pleasing black-and-white text drawings, contributed by the author's 14 year old son. Fourth edition, revised and enlarged. Published by the little-known Chihli Press. Presumably, the author was a missionary as the inside front cover has the bookplate of the Baptist Missionary Society. A rare little thing.
Subjects: Poetry
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