Twitchett, Denis & Smith, Paul Jakov ed: THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF CHINA: VOLUME 5: PART ONE. The Sung Dynasty and Its Precursors 907-1279. The Cambridge History of China. Cambridge, 2009. xxii, 9, 1095 pp. 38 tables, 14 maps, bibliography, index. 23x15 cm. Cloth.
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A long-awaited volume in this erudite series. The first of two volumes on the Song dynasty. This first part discusses the political history of China from the fall of the Tang until the Mongol conquest. The 12 highly-detailed chapters by various scholars cover the Five Dynasties, the Southern Kingdoms that flourished between the Tang and Song, the founding and consolidation of the Song Dynasty, chapter-by-chapter accounts of the reigns of the Northern Song emperors, the fall of the Northern Song and the move to the South, the reigns of the Southern Song emperors and the fall of the dynasty. A highly-recommended reference.
Subjects: History
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